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First encounter


The author sits behind his laptop and write a story, projected as ghost on a wall.
It is the story of an encounter.
It might be the description of what is happening or just about to happen - this same present encounter with the audience

It might be another encounter.

Might it be happened already somewhere else.

Written movement sometimes coincide with the movements in the room.

What does remain unwritten?

What ever the answer is, the stories are about love.

Stories never have only one author.

They cross bodies as times.


textbased performance

during the collectively curated exhibition “H o w  t o  t a m e  a  d r a g o n ? I n  t h e  s e a r c h  o f  t h e  r i v e r” 

presented at: ZSenne Art Laboratory of Brussels

stimulated by Simon Asencio 

for ISAC Master program.

with the kind participation of: Lydia Guez, Lotte Van Gelder, Shankar Lestrehan

Schermata 2021-03-26 alle 11.50.04.png

First encounter is the live written story of our encounter.
Of me and you.

It is a love-story, 

that manifest in a text-based awaken dream.

It is a fiction which deploys in front of our eyes.

It suspends and enlarges the encounter as the infinite time where we live.

It reflects on the instant dramaturgy our bodies are always busy to write or to read.

It questions the space between writing and reading.

The gestures as the words live their own invisible life, manifesting themselves occasionally and continuously through our bodies.

They connect instants as points apparently far, drawing a secret, intimate as public, and evanescent map, always in the process of disappearing. 


It deals with projection of words, literally.

It deals with literality and caption.

It reflects on the ambiguous status of words as descriptive and prescriptive.


The performance has been presented the first time in Brussels at ZSenne Art Laboratory

The script is available upon request.
The performance require a site specific residency to be activated

Schermata 2021-03-26 alle 11.47.57.png
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