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there are several things going on at the same time right? lemon garden , kiss garden and poetic garden

and are you the garden keeper?

do you want to keep the blog website active as a garden?


the thing at the base is the practice of saving seeds and prepare them for the pot ground. that preparation (putting them into the envelop addressed AI LIMONI DEL FUTURO and leaving them growing for ten days into the bed seeds built with toilet paper into the envelope and behind a mirror) it is a sort of spell ritual to wish LIMONI (both fruits and kiss) of the future. then there is the practice of garden-care which activate other actions which activate performative actions (reading books to them, playing music to them,...the list can grow, it is about to feed the story of the relationship with them) the website born as looking for someone who could do the same, taking care of them. since now they are too much and there is no more room for them here. this will open the possibility to extpand the garden, which will be spread in different houses. it will be activated by the website which propose the adoptions and the website could also document somehow the existence of this garden and connections between lemons and gardeners. to sign the adoption is possible (it is a choice) avoid cash exhange and instead, to exchange a limone. this is somehow both the realization of my first wish of LIMONI DEL FUTURO, which becomes reality. And both the opening of another garden, made by humans, humans mouth and their living beings inside of the mouths...similarly to the lemon garden it exist it multiplies and it exist in several spaces (my mouth, your mouth which get mixed with the mouth of someone else) partial mapping of this other garden is possible, but mostly it want to be a suggestion that remain in the reign of the invisible. nevertheless I started to document the first kiss (video) and it is pretty nice. another part, more de-centralized somehow is the "delivery": I made enveloppe or package to deliver to someone else as a gift and wish. So you could ask me to prepare the enveloppe containing sprouting seeds, with written "AI LIMONI DEL FUTURO" to someone else (your secret love let's say or a friend). she will receive the package, kind of misterious, with the instruction about what to do and some quotes and references. she can open the enveloppe only at the indicated date. there she will find a casing with wet toilet paper and she should look for the seeds. they will hopefully have already little roots. then she can put them into the ground. references, music, books read to the lemons also become part of the it is also a knowledge garden. I am the first gardner and the administrator of the website, but till now the story has really been written by the encounters with other people interested in (for ex it was not mine the idea of deliver lemons, it was a request) so the writing is open to collaborations. did I answer to all your questions?

maybe also... about poetics. the writings (of text and actions) is poetic as a way to be political drawing a different epistemology and sustaining a shared imagination and yet concrete practice.

Yes very good answers, in the sense that they make the proposal more clear and I think that’s nice

Maybe you need something like that on the website

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