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A choreographic object created by the encounter of the choreographer Marcelo Evelin with the Italian performer Matteo De Blasio.
A trench generated by the word, the incarnate word, made act by the vibratory frequency of the body, as a performative condition of presence and emanation

created for: Sesc Sao Paulo - exhibition à Nordeste

concept-creation: Marcelo Evelin / Demolition Incorporada and Matteo De Blasio
performed by: Matteo De Blasio

presented at: Sesc 24 de Maio, Sao Paulo and 

at Campo - Contemporary Art, Teresina

produced by: Demolition Incorporada
production management: Andrez Ghizze and Regina Veloso

with the sustain of: Casa Liquida


words of: Pier Paolo Pasolini

IMG_6949_cred Walter Bertotti.JPG
IMG_6992_cred Walter Bertotti.JPG
IMG_6986_cred Walter Bertotti.JPG
IMG_6976_cred Walter Bertotti.JPG

fashion design: João Pimenta

IMG_6988_cred Walter Bertotti.JPG

photo: Walter Bertotti

IMG_6964_cred Walter Bertotti.JPG
IMG_6999_cred Walter Bertotti.JPG
IMG_6983_cred Walter Bertotti.JPG
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