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I feel honored to dedicate a page to the work of Micha Goldberg. So much love for him and his crazy works of art -
surely, an underground and experimental chapter of artists life in brussels


Circus Maximus
at beursschouwburg, for Batard Festival, 2017.

with Sophia Rodriguez, Charlie Usher, Micha Goldberg, Matteo De Blasio, Martin Zicari,Éléonore Saintagnan, Miguel Do Vale

here, also where I first met the historian and writer Martin Zicari
and the musician and composer Charlie Usher (both in the video)

Micha´s Amateur Theater Group (for professionals)

Started July 2016.

Since then professionals from the fields of arts in Brussels have been meeting each other in the time concept of amateurs – 1.5 hours a week. For two months.

A strong but always changing net of people have interacted under one golden rule: engage with pleasure!

We did:

During the first project we worked around - the most played theatre play.
During the second project we worked around Circus.
During the third we did a RapChoir.
During the fourth we worked with VOWELS
During the fifth a GOOD conversation.
During the sixth HobbyHorses
During the seventh a Reading Group Artist at Work – Bojana Kunst
During the eigth a Shitty Flute orchestra

We drink tea and eat cookies every session.

We do some nail polish.

We have questions like: Is contemporary still a cool drink? Who are you working with and why? What about post-contemporary?

Theatre is such an old form it probably fits in the museums. (the dance already understood that). When will theatre go there?

This text will be updated 

RapChoir at beursschouwburg, for Batard Festival, 2017.


NailPolish, initiations to the amateur group. Volksroom, 2016

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