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Relaxing massage,

cleaning of meridians,

reactivation of the sensorial.

Our b o d i e s are often s t r e s s e d by daily routine movement built under the constrain of external situations. We can feel upset, worried, unhappy without being able to react, continuing to feed the same mechanisms. Not being able to express emotions can make us sick.

M o v e m e n t and e n e r g y releasing treatments can r e l e a s e tensions, which are basically stuck fluxes of energy due to a not-anymore-working automatic response. Movement and energy releasing treatments can reactivate the potential f l o w of our energy re-allowing energy to flow where it is not going anymore.

Do you remember to have felt sensations of puissance in your body, which you are not able to find back anymore?

Maybe it is the moment to give your body the chance to move again, it might have something important to say.

THe futon

materasso taglaito.png

The Futon is a 100% cotton traditional Japanese mattress, which has been possibile to buy- during capitalistic time of economic need (also called "poverty")- thanks to a crow-funding sustained by the blessing generous collaboration of  specially heartfelt artists, curators and activists, but mostly friends, listed below.
Since they donate a quote, their names has been softly -touch written in the plies of the Futon.

The mattress you will lay on is the manifestation of taking-care extended collaborative process expression of a local and international care-net of resistance to capitalism. It is charged by love-vibes.

Arkadi Zaides, 

also first promotor and testimonial of the shared bed-initiative

Ellen Lili Vanderstraeten,

Nassia Fortouni,

Sina Seifee,

Laurent Van Lancker,

Paula Almiron,

Teresa Gentile,

Renan Martins De Oliveira,

Xiri Tara Noir,

Eszter Nemethi

The location

You will be welcomed in the apartment where I live at the first floor of the Art Gallery Deborah Bowman. It is my intimate room which we will share for the time of the session.

if it is sunny we could have a tea in the secret garden.

Schermata 2020-02-08 alle 11.08.40.png

The treatment

The treatment is in development. Which means that we will build it through a continuous exchange of directly conscious and unconscious feedbacks through bodies and words.

The base is a relaxing Shiatsu kata, O-Ki Shiatsu certified. But other knowledges coming from my experience as performer, other somatic techniques such as BMC, fascias, bioenergetic,... as also from my personal experience and artistic research are part of the possible-pool of healing-tools.

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique based on pressure of point and along lines corresponding to energetic point (tzubo) and energetic channels (meridians). Very different from Western way, the healing take in consideration a wider sphere than the individual one- it considers the body extended beyond the epidermis considering social bonds (families, friends,...) as the energetic constellations as part of the healing process. (to treat you ,a japanese shaitsuka would treat the all family around you-they say)

it is therefore essentially a political cure.

since it is a traditional Japanese technique, already remodeled from the Chinese Tuina from which it derives, it has been developed and handed down during centuries with the aims to balance and "make-up" a specific social body.

It has been imported in Europe and has been translated and handed down re-shaping the aims according to a different political constellation, in which the individual is supposed to be at the center of cure as of the guilt and ideally separated from the context.  Even if it still promotes a very different approach to the cure, it has been- in the process of being institutionally recognized - slowly medicalized, which also means that tend toward being understood through cause and effect categories and normalize body according with and building ideas of sickness/health, balanced/unbalanced.

Far from proposing a more "original" version of the shiatsu I take away any specific systemic representation if not as suggestion to open the body-imagination and I fish from a cloud-pool of gestures, fragments of systems, which configure multiple visions of the world, while being situated here, in Brussels where we meet.  So I use Shiatsu to invite and then build a dialog between bodies.

indeed, how could I (or someone else) tell what is balanced or unbalanced in a body?

unbalanced is the political system we live in and the aim of the manipulation practice I propose is a process of learning together how to live in it, re-inventing relationship and ways to feel each other.

It wish it to be an healing practice cuz it aims to take care of our beings in a settled consensual and intimate situation, where you can experience the connection with your own pleasure of letting go pressures, as we can connect to each other to find ways to being well together.

It wish to be a political practice cuz it doens't psicologize or somatize your eventual symptoms , but allows them to speak and open eventually a discourse to face and address political dysfunctional situations

It promotes an idea of relational and plural bodies and a practice of intimate relationships between strangers. 

To cure bodies means to care of  existing connections and to allow the opening of new ones  through sensorial affections. 

The only thing this practice assume and stand for as political response is a trust in con-sensual erotisation of life.

basically we are going to spend 50' or 1h30' together and you will receive a massage and lot of care!

if you like it, you can contact me to make an appointment.

some other specific body techniques I've also experimented and my touch refers to 

Experiential anatomy (by Andrea Olsen)


Danza Sensibile

BMC - body mind centering





Please, write me an email to the address below or contact me on Facebook (Matteo De Blasio) or Instagram (@teodebla)

link to the school where I've been study shiatsu:

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