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--embracing parasitism—  


during the confinement our sensorial system has entered a phase of deep mutation.

radically changing the condition of motion, so the ways and possibilities of encounter of otherness got restricted and affected the range of things we got in contact with and the time we spend with them 

while the answers of governments have been an exponentially increasing war-attitude stressing the responsibilities of individuals, closing borders and promoting practices of social distance, many have felt instead the necessity to focus on practices of mutual care. what we are passing through is not a war against a micro-quasi-alive organism who accidentally jumped from a bat to human (shit!), it is instead the exponentially growing crisis of a viral form of life which digged and shaped tissues, bodies and relationships, namely, Capitalism.

Social distancing, nothing new, has always been a key word for this form of Life.

Even if the necessary measure to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus was a measure for physical distance, not casually the distance has been promoted as a social one.

for many the main question has been how to survive the hunger , as the anger, while for some others the point was how to continue the same production of work (whatever work) in this new frame -now without any shame, explicitly and without possibility of reply- named Social Distance. Some billions of people got poorer, while many thousands "unexpectedly" found their way to re-produce this system widely improved. The attitude of parasites is adaptive and mostly able to turn difficulties into new possibility of expansion.

But soon the game is going to be over. 


nevertheless many of the ones getting dramatically poorer, so irredeemably socially distanced, found in front of them a very different landscape where the apocalyptical side of this viral form of Life appeared clearly.

many at any level kind of instinctually turned into gardening. —(read more in plants and resistance, shared by Sara Manente)

personally, my first concern has been how to maintain a shelter and how to eat.

and beside many other attempts to connect with various forms of social assistance, solidarity, charity, but mostly friendship, the expansion of time and the lack of a foreseeable return to the previous activities gave me the occasion to extemporarily consider an idea in another moment I would have just considered too small to make any difference.


_ ] ] - - CALL  -- [ [ _
the ways in the wood

the fist collaboration happened between an human, me, and some Lemon seeds, when I’ve discovered somehow I could suck them and spit them into the earth instead of into the rubbish. They doesn’t stop to spread joy for this and I cannot stop to give them care.


they are growing and they get more and more, it is a pleasurable vegetative invasion, and here (in my bedroom) there is no more space to give them the sun-light they need.

So here and now we need for other human collaborators who feel like doing something and thinking what can be done.

a good dose of love is required.

it is actually an exercise of collective love to generate a kind of multidimensional garden… of LIMONI!

--and connections based on some indispensable awakening sensory and eroticism---


I’m thinking this expansive collaboration with the lemons in this terms: maybe knowledge could be not about getting to know something that exists but imagining something that doesn’t exist yet.


I will take the first principle of the dirty manifesto of Karrabing analytics (Karrabing=low tide) from the book Geontologies by E.Povinelli, she wrote in collaboration with her Indigenous friends and I’m reading to the lemons.


  1. Things exist through an effort of mutual attention. This effort is not in the mind but in the activity of endurance

  2. Things are neither born or die, th….(to read the rest, buy the book ;) )



they are not "just lemons".

during the process of preparing them for the ground a ritual started to manifest. I cannot exactly say from where but a specific contra-desire resisting some dominant reinforced tendencies of spiritual and sensorial body-anesthesia and social distance arose and got tangled with this process.

it appeared as a vision. as a dream of an impossibile future.

this desire is actually shaping itself through the tentacular expansion of a multidimensional lemon garden

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