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a red carpet will enter the stage as from nothing.


I see a black spot, a point just before the voice of her will start to describe the space where she comes from

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it is a very small cell with yellow walls, 

it is at the last floor 

in a very big building.

elias fantasma.png

it has the size of a backspace. 

backspace estensione.jpeg
backspace estensione.jpeg

The concept of life is given its due only if everything that has a history of its own, and is not merely the setting for history, is credited with life. In the final analysis, the range of life must be determined by the standpoint of history rather than that of nature, least of all by such tenuous factors as sensation and soul. The philosopher's task consists in comprehending all of natural life through the more encompassing life of history. And indeed, isn't the afterlife of works of art far easier to recognize than that of living creatures?

[W. Benjamin]

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