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When stories rained down 


created for: Festival ISAC Master program

curated by: D. Blanga-Gubbay and S. Asencio

presented at: Le Brigittine, Brussels (2019)

with: Castellie Yalombo, Helio Hoarau, Laura Battistella, Laura Elias

and the special participation of: D. Blanga-Gubbay


choreography of words 

       a study on loose of identity 

                         (or on being the border across actual and imaginary spaces)

       a study on loose of identity 

                         (or on being the border across actual and imaginary spaces)

What if you can listen to the music of

thoughts and dance them? Does those thoughts belong to you? Do you belong to them?




the video has disappeared from the digital archive guarded by Enzo Pezzella after have been shot by Marion Gassin.


if you want to see the performance you could try to close your eyes and let the images come.

or rather you could contact me and schedule a residency and organize a presentation of the situation for you and your beloved audience.


In June 2019 I presented at Le Brigittine, Brussels a performance, outcome within the artistic research developed during the year. A way to think and experiment with the audience, thoughts about the border role of words in the construction of spaces.

In the public space of the foyer/bar, performers mixed with the public translate into precise descriptions in words or sounds, visions that are formed at the rhythm of the description itself. The different voices visit parallel visions, which sometimes intersect with each other and with the description of the surrounding space.

We ask ourselves what status of reality these imaginary “places” explored with words have. We wonder if words themselves are doors to open, access these visions.

In the words and in the description of the events imaginary spaces intersect with the “real” space where the performance is presented.

Past events, passed a few moments ago, reappear in the description as future (events) in a spoken re-presentation of the performance that just happened which includes the randomness of the audience's movements, as if for the speaker it was about to happen.

The storytelling of the past (-in future tense) reveals unnoticed events, it is told as the future and lastly the speaker's imagination of the future-past  melt with her desire and finally manifest itself as concrete actions among the audience in the very near future.

What is the relationship between desire and prediction? How do words influence the vision of possible and impossible spaces?

We worked using a Yungian psychoanalytic exercise of "active imagination" and moved it into the universe of the performative game of saying what “is", questioning the "real" status of reality and letting the imagined spaces gain concreteness, blurring the boundary between imagined, perceived, dreamed, lived, present and future memory. We have brought the game to the limit of the confusion of the theoretical and normative separations with which we habitually inhabit the shared space.

We worked to perform a divination rite of the present, visiting fragments of the infinite multidimensionality of the present in the friction of points of view and ways of expression, with references to the collage technique.

The text “told" in French was instantly transcribed and projected in English as a caption of the externalized unconscious (a further translation).

the research...

Time-space travels

hypnosis sessions

toward incomplete Altas of words

hypnoss sessions
stanza fantasma 2.png
Copia di Foto del 01-06-19 alle 17.06 #2

“I have been collecting records of speeches of people to whom I asked to close their eyes and start to imagine and describe what they see.

Sometimes I enter in their speech and I start to explore the arising space with them.

Through their words I can see the space they are in (do we access the same space? where is it?) and do with them the exploration of the unknown, unfolding and arising (as supposedly Houston with the Apollo 13) or walk with them in a partially shared images-space transmitted and translated mainly through words.

During the experience we keep the awareness on the materiality of the same physical space we share.  We share the same physical space, What does it mean, then?


Words are recorded and constitute temporal-maps, as the borders, the threshold to re-access the once explored imagined "territory”

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